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The complete solution for providing Music as Medicine.

The Music4five music system contains all the elements necessary for a successful implementation of Music as Medicine.

The core of the Music4five music system consists of a 'smart' headphone with an integrated computer. The headphones come complete with scientifically created playlists already stored on the device. Specifically designed intuitive software ensures that the right music is always played at the right time. The headphones are connected to our server with ioT technology, which means that the healthcare institution can leave the maintenance of the system to us. Our excellent service completes the package.

We are happy to assisit with the implemention of our products within your healthcare speciality, contact us to find out what your options are.

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Music4five - Het compleet systeem
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Music4five smart headphones

The basis of the Music4five music system is a “smart” headphone with an integrated computer.

Designed for comfort

The Music4five headphones have been designed in such a way that the headphones remain comfortable even when being worn for a long time, such as during surgery. The headphones are equipped with extra large ear cushions and are lightweight. The headband and ear cups can all be adjusted for optimal  comfort.

Simple to use due to the built-in touch screen

One of the ear cups has a touch screen display built in. The patient can select a suitable playlist by answering a few simple questions on the touch screen. The patient or caregiver can easily and intuitively navigate through the questions using the touch screen.

Always informed thanks to the display

On the built-in display you can see which song is playing, what the battery status is and any service instructions. This can be, for example, an instruction to connect the Music4five system headphones to the local server via the USB connection because updates are ready.

Actions at the touch of a button

Certain actions do not require the patient to remove the headphones from their head. There are buttons to adjust the volume, skip a track and to turn the device on and off. This allows the user to make minor adjustments without interrupting the music.

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