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The complete solution for providing Music as Medicine.

The Music4five music system contains all the elements necessary for a successful implementation of Music as Medicine.

The core of the Music4five music system consists of a 'smart' headphone with an integrated computer. The headphones come complete with scientifically created playlists already stored on the device. Specifically designed intuitive software ensures that the right music is always played at the right time. The headphones are connected to our server with ioT technology, which means that the healthcare institution can leave the maintenance of the system to us. Our excellent service completes the package.

We are happy to assisit with the implemention of our products within your healthcare speciality, contact us to find out what your options are.

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Music4five - Het compleet systeem
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Music4five smart headphones

The basis of the Music4five music system is a “smart” headphone with an integrated computer.

Designed for comfort

The Music4five headphones have been designed in such a way that the headphones remain comfortable even when being worn for a long time, such as during surgery. The headphones are equipped with extra large ear cushions and are lightweight. The headband and ear cups can all be adjusted for optimal  comfort.

Simple to use due to the built-in touch screen

One of the ear cups has a touch screen display built in. The patient can select a suitable playlist by answering a few simple questions on the touch screen. The patient or caregiver can easily and intuitively navigate through the questions using the touch screen.

Always informed thanks to the display

On the built-in display you can see which song is playing, what the battery status is and any service instructions. This can be, for example, an instruction to connect the Music4five system headphones to the local server via the USB connection because updates are ready.

Actions at the touch of a button

Certain actions do not require the patient to remove the headphones from their head. There are buttons to adjust the volume, skip a track and to turn the device on and off. This allows the user to make minor adjustments without interrupting the music.

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Adaptable due to combination with accessories

The Music4five smart headphones are equipped with a line output to connect the system to an alternative sound sytem. This could be, for example, a separate speaker in an incubator, a sleep mask with built-in speakers or in-ear earphones because the patient is undergoing head surgery.

No need for a separate device – completely autonomous headphones

All the playlists are stored in the Music4five headphones. The device only needs to receive instructions via the touch screen and can then continue to play the selected music autonomously. There is no longer any dependency on a wireless connection at this point, so uninterrupted surgery is guaranteed. The large battery capacity provides 15 hours of playing time with a full battery.


Can be used independently

The Music4five headphones are designed in such a way that they can be used independently by the patient. The combination of a touch screen with intuitive software ensures that the patient can play the right music on the headphones without the help of a caregiver.


Patient mobility

Because the Music4five headphones work completely autonomously and are not dependent on cables or a wireless connection, the patient can be moved throughout the healthcare facility with music playing. Bad WiFi connection or connection disruptions by other equipment are no longer an issue. Because the battery of the headphones can play music for 15 hours, there is no need for a separate power supply.

Versatile use

The headphones are also equipped with Bluetooth allowing connection to a variety of sound sources. Under certain conditions, the headphones can also be used in the hospital environment for listening to the radio and watching TV. Even video chatting with a doctor, family or friends with some privacy is possible via a tablet or your own smartphone because the Music4five headphones are also equipped with a microphone.

Protected against misuse and theft

High-quality headphones may be attractive to steal. The Music4five headphones are protected against this. Each time the headphone is used, the local server is contacted to validate the license. Outside the healthcare facility, this server cannot be contacted and the headset cannot be used.

Easy to maintain

A long range transceiver is built in for communication with the local Music4five server.  Each time the device is turned on, a self-test is performed and the license status is checked. This data is sent to us so that we can take action if necessary.​

Always up to date

The Music4five system is always up-to-date. We are connected to the local Music4five server and in this way we can send an instruction to update to the headphone display. When the headphones are connected to the server via the USB port, software and playlist updates will be downloaded automatically.

Specifically developed for healthcare​

The Music4five music system is specifically designed for the hospital and healthcare environment. Not only are the functionalities focused on administering the right “Music as Medicine”, but all materials are also suitable for healthcare. All surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect with alcohol. The product can thus be easily approved by a hygiene and infection prevention department. The headphones are made to be used with disposable ear covers to increase hygiene. All electronics comply with European EMC radiation requirements. The wireless connection to the server is in a recommended frequency range for medical devices.

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The Music4five software
Always the right choice of music

Unique software on the headphones ensures that the patient or caregiver always makes the right choice of music. Step by step, the user is guided through a menu and through specific questions is guided to the right music list .

Backed by science

The various selection steps in the software have been determined in collaboration with top scientists from Erasmus MC. In this way the patient always gets to hear the most effective playlist.

Easy to use

The software is designed in such a way that the patient can make and select the music themselves without the intervention of a caregiver. The touchscreen in combination with the software is very intuitive to use.

Always up to date

Thanks to the ioT connection, the headphones always have the latest software version.

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The Music4five music lists

Scientifically proven effect

All the Music4five music lists are compiled according to scientifically based principles from numerous studies. The pieces of music in the lists are all selected for special properties that have a proven positive effect on the body and mood.

Erasmus MC music lists

Thanks to our collaboration with Erasmus MC, Music4five has access to playlists compiled by Erasmus MC researchers. These lists have been used in completed studies and have a proven positive effect.

Something for every taste

The Music4five playlists consist of a wide range of different music genres. This way there will be something suitable to choose for every patient. This choice is very important, because research shows that the music is most effective when the patient has chosen the music themselve.

Spotify is not an option

Music services such as Spotify may only be used by private individuals. Commercial institutions are not allowed to use this. This has to do with music rights regulations.

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The music4five server

Early warning in case of problems

The Music4five system is connected to us via the Music4five server in the healthcare institution. This allows the status of all headphones to be tracked in real time. Each headset has self-diagnostic software that can diagnose problems independently. If problems are found, they are immediately passed on to the server. Some problems can be solved quickly externally. If this is not possible, the customer can be warned immediately, so that the defective headset can be taken out of circulation and replaced by a spare unit.

​Always informed

Messages can be sent to the Music4five headphones via the server. This can be a warning that the headphones need to be charged or replaced, but also a message that an update is ready.

License Check

The Music4five headphones functions cannot be started if the license is not validated. To do this, it must be within range of the healthcare facility's Music4five server. The basic functions of the headphones also no longer work without validation.

The Music4five service

Implementation help

Your healthcare facility may have never used music as medicine and you are wondering how to implement it in your hospital. Or maybe you now have a makeshift and complicated system with tablets and separate headphones and you want an easier solution. In all cases we can help you with the implementation of the Music4five system in your healthcare facility. We think along with you and if necessary we advise on topics such as when and where the headphones should be charged and cleaned or how and where the headphones are stored. But we can also help you determine how many headphones you need, for example.

Help with guidelines

You may already know exactly when, how and for how long you want to use music as medicine in your healthcare facility. If this is not the case, we can guide you with our experience from our collaboration with Erasmus MC.

Problems solved quickly

Whether it's replacing a faulty headset or a simple question about the software, our employees are ready to solve your problems for you as quickly as possible.

Easily accessible

Our employees can be reached in various ways.

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Stap 1) De zorgverlener deelt de Music4f
How does it work?

Time is precious and additional tasks make new applications in healthcare difficult. During the development of the Music4five system, we have taken care to make the system as simple as possible so that both the caregiver and the patient are burdened as little as possible.


We can help you with the implementation of Music as Medicine and how to create support for it. A comfortable and less anxious patient requires less attention from the caregiver, saving time!

What actions are expected from the healthcare provider?

In many cases, the patient can operate the headphones and software themselves. The caregiver only needs to do 3 things.​

3 simple, quick actions:
  1. Hand out and take in

  2. Clean

  3. Charge


The Music4five system can be used in any situation where there is pain, stress, anxiety, sleeping problems and/or an increased risk of delirium. In hospitals around surgeries, during admission, during medical examinations and procedures.

In addition, Music4five is extremely suitable for use in other healthcare facilities such as nursing homes, general practices, dental practices and all kinds of treatment practices.

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