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The astounding effect of
music in healthcare...

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Convincing evidence

Research has shown that patients who listen to music before, during and after their surgery can experience positive effects. The Music as Medicine Foundation that works within the Erasmus MC has conducted research into the effect of music interventions around surgery and other medical settings.


Studies have shown a statistically significant and clinically relevant effect of music on the reduction of postoperative pain, as well as on anxiety, stress and the quality of sleep.

Clear evidence

This provides clear evidence that music can make an important contribution in improving patient well-being.

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Music reduces anxiety, pain and stress

Anxiety and pain around surgery are common. Anxiety before surgery can lead to increased pain after surgery, which may increase the patients need for medication. Often medication for anxiety and pain are then given to the patient to provide comfort. However, anti-anxiety drugs are associated with a negative effect on recovery after surgery.


Less medication

Listening to music has also been shown to reduce anxiety and stress in patients undergoing major surgery, such as open heart surgery. Listening to music around surgery has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety before surgery and pain after surgery. Less sleep medication is required during surgery and less pain medication is required after surgery.


The role of cortisol

The stress hormone cortisol is produced by the body after surgery in response to surgery. This hormone is also produced by the body when someone is anxious. The stress hormone interacts with important functions such as blood pressure and the immune system. As such, cortisol plays an important role in the normal functioning of the brain and body. An excessive and prolonged production of cortisol by the body after surgery can negatively affect the normal processes of the body, such as digestion and the cardiovascular system.

Listening periooperative to music has been proven effective in reducing anxiety and pain.

Music improves sleep

Problems with sleeping are common in hospitalized patients. These sleeping problems appear to be even more severe in patients undergoing surgery. Adequate sleep is important for a good health. It particularly affects the mental and emotional well-being of people.


The importance of sleep

Poor sleep quality could potentially lead to an increase in blood pressure, poorer blood sugar control and a higher immune response in the short term.

Poor sleep can lead to various complaints and negatively affect the recovery after a medical procedure. It is important to improve sleep quality in (surgical) patients.

In the long term, poor sleep quality could potentially lead to a disruption of the immune system and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, patients who sleep poorly after surgery may have a higher risk of developing acute confusion (delirium).

Improve sleep

Multiple studies show that music can improve sleep in surgical patients. In addition to our Music4five system, we can provide an audio sleep mask especially for sleep disruption. For more information click here .

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